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Сообщения за Февраль, 2007

About the group

This is an association of software development professionals who value agile approaches in software development. Membership in the association is completely free. There are no limitations on becoming a member. The only requirement is helping us to promote agile movement in Ukraine.
In scope of commercial project ScrumGuides we offer trainings and organize certifications on the Scrum framework.




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The 3rd Agile Gathering being planned for Oct 9.
Call for Papers is opened. Please submit.

ScrumMaster Certifications announced in Kiev, Oct 23-24.
Read on the scrum.com.ua.


21-22 June 2007 ScrumMaster Certification classes in Kiev.
Report can be found here.

19 June 2007 Open agile workshop.

31 March 2007
First open gathering of the comminity Agile Ukraine. Report and materials can be found here (in Russian).

29 March 2007
The Ciklum company, Kiev. Round table on Scrum. Photomaterials are here.


Q: What is 'agile'? Is it a new methodology like RUP?
A: Agile is not really a methodology but a set of principles and values which create a base for cooperative and collaborative project environment. This is done by means of techniques that focus on keeping clients and the team together, fostering information exchange and creativity. It is more a philosophy rather than a methodology. There are no straightforward methods or steps which you could have simply followed. Instead there are good ideas and essence from experience that you can adopt and develop further into solutions that work in your very specific case.

Q: What is to be agile? How can I know if I am or my project is agile
A: Formally speaking to be agile means to respect the values of the agile manifesto.
In your daily/professional life being agile means to be flexible enough to embrace changes later in the project; to be creative, communicable and positive in such an extend so that any software tools could ever replace …