ScrumMaster Certifications in Ukraine, June 2007


Agile-Ukraine is happy to announce that we are inviting
Michael Vizdos (a Certified Scrum Trainer) to conduct
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) classes in Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev) in June.

First time in Ukraine

These are going to be first official CSM classes ever done in Ukraine.
This provides an excellent opportunity for IT practitioners who are interested in agile/Scrum values and benefits to learn Scrum (one of the most popular agile approaches) from the first hands and pass the World-known certifications.

Official ScrumAlliance classes

These classes are official ScrumMaster Certifications that are listed on the ScrumAlliance's webpage.

For general info on Scrum certifications and recognitions (CSM, CSP, CST) visit this page.

Dates and Conditions

In order to give everyone who is interested a chance to participate, there are going to be two independent CSM sessions:
  1. 14-15 June (class description on Scrum Alliance website)
  2. 21-22 June (class description on Scrum Alliance website)
You can register to any of the classes.

The price of any of the class is 750 USD (675 USD for early birds, you still can get this price!).

To compare pricing in different locations visit Scrum Alliance's website's CSM area.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the chosen class, please:
  • contact Michael from his web page
  • or send an email to Agile Ukraine
If you have questions of any concern, we would be happy if you email us.

Scrum for Enterprises

Since Scrum is an agile approach that is not limited to projects and can work across enterprises, we welcome such interest and can provide special pricing. Email us and we will find the common ground.

Your Agile Ukraine

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