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Сообщения за Июнь, 2007

Scrum Initiation course

Agile Ukraine conducts a half-day trainings on Scrum and Agile.

The training is called 'Scrum Initiation'.

Why 'initiation'?

You could as well call this an 'introduction' or a 'kick-off', we just like it to be an 'initiation'
as it calls for further actions to be performed by the trainees on their own after the course.

Learning Scrum or any other Agile practices cannot be taught as a University subject or a science. It is rather a never-ending self-educational practical curve that an IT professional should do over his/her career.

The course gives advices on where to start and where to aim. It provides reusable patterns that will make it easier to start from. Explains the need of being agile versus being ineffective. It gives useful hints on how one can be doing Agile in distributed environment.

The Topics

The agenda of the training will be varying upon the audience and their expertise in Agile. Though in general it should cover the following topics:

1 Ag…

Вторая конференция: Agile Gathering

This event is in the past.
Please refer to our Events page for further Gatherings and other group events.


First of all let me thank everyone who was able to come and participate in our second gathering. Though it was a working day, about 40 people were able to attend. We appreciate your interest in the topic and tried to make sure your time was properly spent.

We very much thank to Mike Vizdos, Alexander Laszlo Ross and Alexey Maslov who made shared their visions and experience. It was you who made the gathering, guys!
We thank to Ciklum and GlobalLogic companies who helped us to organize the event and took over the expenses. We thank particularly to Lena Terioshina from Ciklum who helped a lot in solving organization questions.
Again about the topicsMichael Vizdos (http://www.michaelvizdos.com/, http://implementingscrum.com/) made 90 minute intro on Scrum basics which we believe was useful for the newcomers to agile as well as for the more experienced audience