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Сообщения за Июль, 2007

Agile Jobs

Since we focus and appreciate Agile values and practices, we'd like to be sure the job posts we publish correspond to what we understand under 'agile project'.

In order to do that we are going to survey/interview the employers before posting their job offers to make sure the positions advertised are really going to be agile jobs.

For Employers - need members for your agile teams?

We are glad to start publishing agile job posts on the site.

The rate is 35 USD per two weeks per a vacancy. This also includes bi-weekly posts of the vacancies on our mailing list with more than 120 members.

Please contact us.

Why to post your vacancies on our site?

Our community is growing. We have over 120 members in our discussion group. Other people just read news and materials on the site. The events we organize are quite popular in the local agile community.

Here's some statistics of the site (for June 2007):
- we had visitors all around the World with the strong majority from Ukraine
- we had 43…

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Agilenewsletter: новости, материалы

Выпуск 4,
9 июля 2007 (архив новостей)

Agile в Украине

19 июня состоялась вторая встреча украинского agile сообщества т.н. "AgileGathering". Отчет можно найти здесь. Следующая встреча планируется на октябрь. Мы ждем желающих выступить с презентациями. Также спонсоров.

21-22 июня Майк Виздос (MichaelVizdos) при поддержке AgileUkraine провел CertifiedScrumMaster класс - первый трейнинг в Украине. Отчет и материалы вы можете найти здесь. Будущие классы в процессе планирования на 2007 год. Пишите нам, если желаете посетить.

Общие материалы по Agile

Видео лекции AlistairCockburn на BayXPMeeting, Jan 2007. Элистер знакомит с концепциями, представленными в своей книги AgileSoftwareDevelopment: TheCooperativeGame (2ndEdition).

Перевод глав книги Dean LeffingwellScaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises: (спасибо Agile Russia)"Сущность Гибкой Разработки"."Задача масштабирования agile".Agile Offshoring : It…

Offshore software development

I wrote down some thoughts I was having about offshore development,
which I though might be interesting from an agile perspective. I'll
follow up with another post that deals with how this stuff is related
to being "agile" in an offshore situation. But, it would be nice to
hear how people are using agile approaches to achieve the things that
are mentioned below.
Offshore software development is motivated by two factors, (i) the
lack of local knowledge workers, and (ii) apparent cost savings.

There are many different models for doing offshore development. It
can, for example, be done on a project basis, or as a long standing
leasing of a dedicated team. I will mostly discuss things related to
the latter scenario, where the offshore team is leased to maintain a
product for a long period.

Having an offshore team is for most companies a journey into the
unknown. There are many practical issues that need to be resolve…

CSM Report, Kyiv June 2007

21-22 June Michael Vizdos conducted a two-day Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) class in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine

Class materials
The main presentation by Michael Vizdos, available by requestAgile Estimating and Planning, by Mike Cohn, download PDF
Report by Michael Vizdos
read here Michael's blog postList of CSMs
See the list of Certified ScrumMasters
Missed the class?
Register for the next class on scrum.com.ua.