Agile Jobs

Since we focus and appreciate Agile values and practices, we'd like to be sure the job posts we publish correspond to what we understand under 'agile project'.

In order to do that we are going to survey/interview the employers before posting their job offers to make sure the positions advertised are really going to be agile jobs.

For Employers - need members for your agile teams?

We are glad to start publishing agile job posts on the site.

The rate is 35 USD per two weeks per a vacancy. This also includes bi-weekly posts of the vacancies on our mailing list with more than 120 members.

Please contact us.

Why to post your vacancies on our site?

Our community is growing. We have over 120 members in our discussion group. Other people just read news and materials on the site. The events we organize are quite popular in the local agile community.

Here's some statistics of the site (for June 2007):
- we had visitors all around the World with the strong majority from Ukraine
- we had 430 unique visits on the site with about 2200 page views
- we have twice more returning visitors than new visitors: 62% to 38%
- the majority of the returning visitors (65%) check the site on the daily basis

We believe your potential team members are among those folks.

Please make sure your project has an agile tendency before contacting us.

For Employees - looking for an agile job?

Send us your CV with short answers to the following questions and we will try to find you an agile project:

1. your experience in Agile:
  • novice (never used)
  • used Agile in last project (please describe which practices were used)
  • coached in last project (please describe your achievements)
2. an agile framework you were using:
  • XP
  • Scrum
  • XP@Scrum
  • Crystal family
  • something else (please explain)
3. requirements to the project that you would join:
  • technologies you're interested in using/learning
  • products you're interested in building
4. add anything else you think can be useful

We expect your CV to be in one of the following formats: PDF, RTF, HTML, or Plain Text.

Good luck!

Agile Ukraine

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