The 3rd Agile Gathering

The event has been done. Please see the report and follow-ups.

Location:Kyiv, Mohila Academy Culture and Art center
Культурно-Мистецькому центр Могилянської Академії,
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Date and time:9 October 2007, 14:00-19:00
Language:English, Russian
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The Agenda and the Speakers
  1. Alexey Krivitsky from Agile Ukraine

    • Certified ScrumMaster training: what it is and what it is not
      30 minutes

      Being one of the people who organize CSM trainings in Ukraine and Russia I feel being responsible for driving the correct understanding of the training goals and meaning of the certificate for the community. During the presentation I will shortly review what CSM is and, moreover, will try to uncover what the CSM is NOT.

  2. Askhat Urazbaev from Agile Russia & Luxoft

    • Roll-out and adoption of agile processes in projects: practical guide
      1 hour

      Nowadays there are less and less people who doubt in application and need of Agile methods in software development. The most important question now is - HOW to adopt Agile practices, keeping the steady growth of team's performance.

      Askhat will shed light on that and as well as on some other topics:
      - Who is a "change agent"
      - How to "sell" Agile to customers
      - Practical guidance on Agile adoption
      - Keeping the team motivated

  3. Adam Byrtek, Co-founder and technical lead in Code Sprinters, Poland.

    • Scrum roll-out: a story of one company
      1 hour

      How Scrum worked out and how we transformed it into our business with "agile spirit". Reusable techniques and approaches.

  4. Gleb Arshinov, CEO at Pluron, Inc.

    • Agile for Business
      1 hour

      The Agile principles have a lot in common with the way you bring a new product/company to market, and I want to discuss the similarities. I'll also talk about Steve Blank's Customer Development process which does a good job of formalizing this. Where relevant I'll refer to my own experience both as an engineer and as an entrepreneur.

  5. Open space session: sharing Agile experience (positive and negative).

    Language: Russian and English

    In the part of gathering we will split into small groups of about 10-15 to listen and discuss one team's experience. Below is the list of people agreed to present their tries of Agile adoption. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

    • Jacob Lund and Yuri Mann
    • Alexey Solntsev
    • Max Pendyshchuk
    • Serhiy Yevtushenko
    • Pluron team
    • Oleksandr Shyshko


Ilya Romanenko said...

Со скольки и до скольки будет проходит это мероприятие?

Alexey Krivitsky said...

Илья, скорее всего мероприятие будет длиться практически весь день.

Я ещё сделаю анонс. Как вариант 11.00 - 17.00

pilot said...

Мероприятие бесплатное?
Будут ли печатные материалы и на каком языке?

Alexey Krivitsky said...

Мероприятие бесплатное, благодаря спонсорству ряда компаний (см выше).

После встречи как обычно выложим презентации и фотоматериалы. Но стоит понимать, что цель встречи - живое общение, которое материалами не передашь.

Есть какие-то специфичные пожелания?

Volodymyr, L'viv said...

О котрій годині буде проводитися перша доповідь "Roll-out and adoption of agile processes in projects: practical guide"?

Alexey Krivitsky said...

Володимир, чесно кажучи - ще неясно. Гадаю, що вона буде десь ближче к 15.00, або трохи пізніше.