Конференция: Agile Gathering 3

The 3rd Agile Gathering done!

First of all, let me thank everyone who came. Seems Agile techniques are becoming more and more popular, we are very happy to play an active part in the Ukrainian Agile movement.

Visit our photo album.

Below you can find the agenda with the links to the materials where available.

  • What Certified ScrumMaster is NOT - by Alexey Krivitsky, pdf
  • Agile for Business - by Gleb Arshinov, pdf
  • Agile experience of Code Sprinters: How to build a company you would like to work in - by Adam Byrtek, pdf
  • Pragmatic Agile Adoption - by Askhat Urazbaev, pdf
We hope that Naresh Jain from Agile India and Danny Kovatch from Agile Israel who were not able to get to Ukraine this time will visit our next gathering in Spring 2008. Watch for upcoming announcements on our web site (feed available) and in our discussion group.

And let me thank our great sponsors again, without them this event would not have happened:
  • Co-organizer and general partner

  • General and media partner

  • Partner

  • Partner

  • Media partner

  • Partner

Alexey Krivitsky, coordinator of Agile Ukraine.


Adam Byrtek said...
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Adam Byrtek said...

In case somebody is interested, my presentation is also available on SlideShare as Story of Code Sprinters.