Agile Gathering - Черновцы

29 марта 2008 в г. Черновцах состоится конференция, посвящённая Agile методам разработки ПО.

Язык конференции - английский.
Партнёр-организатов встречи:

  1. Alexey Krivitsky and Tim Yevgrashyn
    (Agile Ukraine)
    Agile Software Development with SCRUM
    duration 1.5 hours
    We would like to cover the following subtopics:
    -basic conceptions overview of agile software development;
    -essence and description of SCRUM's software management approach;
    -questions about SCRUM's startup and its implementation;
    -profits of implementation and problems solved in SCRUM;

  2. Serhiy Mazurok
    Our way to agile
    duration – 1 hour

    It has been about one year since Yukon has been moving towards implementation of «agile». Since that moment, numerous features in the process of development have been changed, which in turn affected the quality of projects, the ultimate and new way of cooperation with clientele, and certain decrease of tension within the company. I would like to share our experience in other methodologies and emphasize the utter advantage of agile over them.

  3. Bastiaan Schaap and Martin Kleinman
    (POIservice, The Netherlands)
    Scrum from the trenches
    duration – 1 hour
    We have used Scrum for over a year, helping us to manage both small and big projects. During these projects we have seen and experienced that scrum works really good, but still can be very hard to implement on projects. We are CSM since February 15th, 2008. We would like to share our experiences, both good and bad.

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